French traders: let’s hear their opinion on the broker platform

We interviewed the experts at one of the most important trading conference of the month.

We have already extensively discussed the famous broker platform in previous posts, analyzing its functionality, strengths and weaknesses. We have decided to hear the opinions and experiences about the broker directly from French traders and, to do so, we participated to the VI Trading Conference held a week ago at the breathtaking and enchanting “Saint-Germain-des-Prés” district of Paris to hear last opinions about

This two-day event aimed to bring together traders, fincial experts and sponsors sharing interests in broker platforms, forex and stock trading, financial management, financial markets, etc. It also provided a forum for presenting new trading tragedies as well as discussing current and challenging issues in financial management and related topics. We took the opportunity to ask questions and advices from the present speakers, taking advantage of the discussion moments of the proposed seminars. Here’s what emerged:

The safety first of all of is much appreciated.

We remind that the broker is a trademark of “Safecap Investments Limited” and it’s regulated by CySEC, registered in the United Kingdom at the FSA (Financial Services Authority) and with the CONSOB (National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange). Since is authorized to operate in the European Economic Area and needs to respect all the obligations that ensure a safe and secure trading experience, it is also registered with the French regulatory body Banque de France. This is a very important aspect that allows the broker to gain the trust of traders.

“It collects everything I need. Before using, I compared different websites or platforms to find a result. Plus it has no commissions.” -Varden Daigneault, trader & financial expert has an extensive range of financial products and services, so it is able to provide everything needed for a successful trading experience under extremely competitive conditions. Low spreads, leverage up to 200: 1, analysis of on-demand markets also in French. No commission, no surprise. The fixed spread, although it may be higher than the floating spreads in favorable market conditions, allows to predict in advance the costs of its trading strategy and not to be faced with unexpected commissions or hidden costs.

“Customer support is an aspect that many platforms underestimate.’s one is very efficient.”-Arthur Monrency, trader offers excellent customer support even in French. The assistants are always ready to solve the doubts of the trader and the communication takes place in a clear, simple and direct way.

“I think the decisive aspect of, at least for me, is the use of different platforms. It’s useful.” -Victor Martel, trader

Within its trading platform, offers traders 2 different types of platforms: Markets Web Trader, an online trading platform for accessibility 24 hours a day via the web, and Markets Mobile Trader, which allows access to financial markets directly from the smartphone.
All platforms made available by have been developed internally and created to be user friendly and provide a personalized trading experience.

But the reviews with a more uncertain tone are not lacking.

“I think is a suitable platform for inexperienced traders or for very experienced traders with high profits incoming. The intermediate account is not convenient for me.” -Orane Bourque, trader

To improve the online trading experience of its customers, offers traders 3 different types of trading accounts as indicators:

  • Classic trading account, with a minimum required deposit of $100, daily market analysis, Webinars and Video Tutorial;
  • Standard trading account, whose minimum deposit required is $2,500 and has all the features of the classic trading account, with additions of Premium daily analysis;
  • And the premium trading account, minimum deposit required: $20,000, all standard account features, 90% payments and Premium customer support.

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Bitcoin on is it worth investing?

Forex trading or CFD?

Bitcoin is actually the cryptocurrency with the biggest growth ever recorded in the financial markets: it has increased throughout 2017 reaching figures never seen before, with a maximum of $ 19,000.
Needless to say, Bitcoins are now one of the most attractive cryptocurrencies for traders, so different broker platforms specialized in their trading. is one of these: it is a famous online trading broker known and loved by many traders, especially by those who want to trade with Bitcoins. The platform offers more than 50 currencies to invest with, but it also provides free real-time quotes and different types of charts, and it is also accessible on mobile devices or tablets. Obviously trading is available 24 hours a day.

But is investing in Bitcoins on really worth it?

The answer is absolutely yes. offers innovative investment opportunities in an easy and user-friendly platform.

Not only offers it a free demo account, but also real-time charts and different levels of difficulty, so as to encourage beginners and non-beginners.
But the true innovation of is the Trend Trader tool: the users of the platform have the opportunity to analyze and follow the trends of other traders.

In summary, you will have at your disposal:

  • charts and live quotes;
  • market analysis;
  • a free demo account;
  • a real account with a minimum deposit of just € 100;
  • Trend Trader, the possibility to follow the trends of other traders.

How to start investing Bitcoin on
There are two possibilities: you can invest by choosing to buy them directly (by creating a Bitcoin wallet) or you can proceed with CFDs, contracts for difference.
The second procedure is the most convenient, but implies the possession of an account on (we remind you that the minimum deposit required to open a real trading account is € 100).
CFDs are simple and inexpensive contracts that allows trader to trade on a wide range of financial instruments, investing on the difference in value of a specific financial title or underlying financial title that accrues from the date on which the contract is concluded to the date on which it ends.
CFDs permit bidirectional market operations: they allow long and short positions, allowing profits to be made even during down markets. Trading using CFD means, more simply, negotiating contracts on price differences: profits are earned or losses generated based on the difference between the purchase price and the selling price of the financial titles, multiplied by the number of CFDs on shares .

CFDs are a good alternative to traditional trading systems; clearly every trader has to individually weigh costs and benefits and to assess whether they can add it or not to their trading plans.

One thing is sure: with you will be advantaged in all your choices.

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In this two small articles we will review the most important features of, a trading broker for actions, Forex, ETF, indexes, raw materials and CFDs). We will explore the advantages and the different opinions that can explain you all why you should consider this broker. 

We know very well that financial markets may be insidious and we know that the Forex market is a virtual and in constant expansion market where you can operate 24/7 every single day. 

Today we can easily find different opinions about trading and Forex online, but they sometimes can derive from a not so good knowledge about this kind of topics. A lot of traders in fact change idea just by reading Forex ‘s comments,both good or bad, that find online on some blogs, without going deeper.

When searching for the best online trading platform it’s advisable to not focus just on comments or opinions but to concentrate our attention on deepening some strategic concepts. In this sense a review about is something that goes beyond a simple bunch of broker comments. 

To make it short, trader’s opinion is without doubts important for evaluating any platform but you can’t just stop on personal opinions. You should, at the contrary, analyze on a greater scale a trading platform of interest answering sole basic questions. 

Today we can honestly say that there are many traders out there who place their trust on the wrong broker that don’t support their strategies for their investments just because they chose reading false comments. But how should we do to know if a broker is trustworthy or not? With this small guide we hope to give you all more instruments and useful indicators to know better and faster what broker is best for your needs and is better suited for your strategies. You will also find here a complete review of a trustworthy broker with comments and opinions that may help you have a better understanding of this platform. 

Before the actual review we want to warn you that don’t has to be confused with CMC Markets or IG MARKETS or Capital Markets that are different brokers. To overlap this brokers by assonance it’s a typical error that the not so informed traders tend to commit. : opinions broker offers its traders a multitude of assets to use when trading online. A good review can’t avoid to point out this entirety offered by the broker. The platform enables traders to operate with 18 indexes from all over the world and so many titles. The offer is aligned with some of the most important Forex brokers, like CDF trading. Thanks to its stability and affidability proudly shows positive comments and opinions mostly because of the conditions provided.


In particular the function “follow Markets trend” enables to have a deepen vision of trader’s trends on a specific asset. This feature give the opportunity to find trading opportunities and then start to invest with more safety and conviction. We can easily understand too that its spreads are very competitive compared to other broker’s ones. So you just have to open a demo account and start your business operations! You’ll see the results in no time comments & reviews ( part 2 )

In this section we want to point out the affidability of the broker, giving you example like the fact that trader deposits are well guarded in solid and safe banks. A plus reason you shouldn’t worry about your investments because you won’t lose your money in a night because someone stole it. Here are some basic noctions you may want to know about this forex:

Financial leverage: special offer 

With many years of experience in the trading sector this broker can offer you low spreads(the best ones on the forex market), and a financial leverage of 1:50 with obvious terms and conditions. You should already know by now that financial leverage is always something very good, that can be also very bad. It allows to trade with more values and an inferior capital, contributing to obtain more profits, but if the trade is closed in a negative way you risk to lose the value of the traded volume. The risks that derive from using financial leverage are obviously not hidden by the broker. In fact in every single web page of the platform there is a call to use carefully leverage instruments because they can led to losing all the invested capital. The advice of some experienced tradersto learn how to use financial leverage is to not start right away with a real account. It’s best to practice a little bit with a demo account to understand how the leverage works and how can be used to the trader’s advantage.

The available assets for online trading on are:Forex currencies, indexes, actions, raw materials, CFDs, ETF. It doesn’t matter what kind of platform are you operating with, offers the possibility to negotiate in every situation. Customers that today have signed in for a real account are from 100 different countries, so they aren’t bound together by local interests that you can find just in one country. There are branches in Romany, France, Germany, Poloni and Russia. 

This broker has the best ways to answer to so many different needs. He has won the famous Fastest Growing Broker Award, for the broker with the best growth rate in 2010. This and other acknowledgements proves the affidability of the broker. 

Markets Autochartist

One of the most interesting new features of this broker it’s the Autochartist ability: the system enables search engines to monitor thousands of financial instruments 24/7 hours and identify trading opportunity through tragic models, Fibonacci levels, Key levels. Autochartist system is not a exclusive, but it’s common in many famous brokers it’s an instrument that offers a valid help executing technical analysis on currency markets. Using autochartist is possible to take under constant control some very important factors like volatility and specific patterns with trends and currency crosses. 

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