Bitcoin on is it worth investing?

Forex trading or CFD?

Bitcoin is actually the cryptocurrency with the biggest growth ever recorded in the financial markets: it has increased throughout 2017 reaching figures never seen before, with a maximum of $ 19,000.
Needless to say, Bitcoins are now one of the most attractive cryptocurrencies for traders, so different broker platforms specialized in their trading. is one of these: it is a famous online trading broker known and loved by many traders, especially by those who want to trade with Bitcoins. The platform offers more than 50 currencies to invest with, but it also provides free real-time quotes and different types of charts, and it is also accessible on mobile devices or tablets. Obviously trading is available 24 hours a day.

But is investing in Bitcoins on really worth it?

The answer is absolutely yes. offers innovative investment opportunities in an easy and user-friendly platform.

Not only offers it a free demo account, but also real-time charts and different levels of difficulty, so as to encourage beginners and non-beginners.
But the true innovation of is the Trend Trader tool: the users of the platform have the opportunity to analyze and follow the trends of other traders.

In summary, you will have at your disposal:

  • charts and live quotes;
  • market analysis;
  • a free demo account;
  • a real account with a minimum deposit of just € 100;
  • Trend Trader, the possibility to follow the trends of other traders.

How to start investing Bitcoin on
There are two possibilities: you can invest by choosing to buy them directly (by creating a Bitcoin wallet) or you can proceed with CFDs, contracts for difference.
The second procedure is the most convenient, but implies the possession of an account on (we remind you that the minimum deposit required to open a real trading account is € 100).
CFDs are simple and inexpensive contracts that allows trader to trade on a wide range of financial instruments, investing on the difference in value of a specific financial title or underlying financial title that accrues from the date on which the contract is concluded to the date on which it ends.
CFDs permit bidirectional market operations: they allow long and short positions, allowing profits to be made even during down markets. Trading using CFD means, more simply, negotiating contracts on price differences: profits are earned or losses generated based on the difference between the purchase price and the selling price of the financial titles, multiplied by the number of CFDs on shares .

CFDs are a good alternative to traditional trading systems; clearly every trader has to individually weigh costs and benefits and to assess whether they can add it or not to their trading plans.

One thing is sure: with you will be advantaged in all your choices.

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